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A New Kind of Production Company: Introducing Pixelcraft Media

A New Kind of Production Company: Introducing Pixelcraft Media

Shawn McGaff


Pixelcraft Media is a full-service media production company that aims to redefine the way that media is produced for the web. We want to help businesses implement plans that make multimedia experiences more accessible and affordable to produce on a continual basis. We are tired of seeing companies produce one video that they keep on their homepage for years because that is all they can afford. Our goal is to help our clients communicate with their customers in the most effective way.

Video no longer belongs to big budget businesses advertising on TV.

We deeply believe that video provides the deepest connection between two entities online but we also don’t believe that video erases the need for all other mediums. Our philosophy is to reuse and repurpose every piece of content so that it can exist in as many formats as possible and therefore maximize the reach of every story you tell. No matter what medium you are using, if the story is compelling enough, you will be able to form a deep bond with your customers that can remain for years. Businesses in every industry are catching on to this and realizing that they simply can’t keep up with their competition if they do not start using video effectively.  

The key difference that sets us apart from many other strong production companies is our background in the world of marketing. Our team has a deep understanding of SEO, analytics, social media, PR and paid advertising which arms us with everything we need to not only provide high-level strategy but also get in the weeds with tactics. We not only know how to draw out a story from an interviewee while nailing a complex shot, we also know how to track and analyze the performance of each video within the larger framework of your marketing efforts. We know where on a page to place a video to maximize conversions and we know how to run a YouTube PPV ad campaign to drive exposure for your brand. Even if we aren’t running any of your campaigns, we can communicate more effectively with your marketing department because of our background. 

With the endless stream of content available to people, quality is more important than ever.

One of the biggest challenges for what we want to do is the short lifespan of social media content. It is very difficult to justify the high costs of video for use on social media so we have set out on a journey to find a formula to make it work without simply lowering the production standards of our videos. We want to be able to produce high-quality video that reflects the quality of the brands we work with. The formula that we have come up with isn’t rocket science and yet, very few companies are doing it.  

The key to our reduced costs is spending more time doing pre-production which drastically reduces the amount of resources required to bring many stories to life. Of course, big ambitious projects will still require big ambitious budgets but we are continually finding ways to bring pro-level quality to entry-level budgets. This allows us to help small and medium businesses compete at a much higher level than they could otherwise. Video no longer belongs to big budget businesses advertising on TV. 

I personally have yet to find a business that can’t benefit from using video in strategic ways. It improves conversion rates, brand exposure and how approachable your business is. If you are interested in how to go about doing this, reach out to us and we would love to talk you through it.

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