Go to the North. Head West until you run out of land. This is where our magic happens.

The setting is an essential part to any powerful story. It is where all of your characters come together to dazzle your audience and while our clients are located everywhere from Canada to Mexico, the backdrop for our lives is the beautiful city of Seattle, WA.  

We are a small core team with big ideas and dreams but we are not your typical creative agency. We are filmmakers that are steeped in the values of branding and marketing. We create and tell stories that fit your business and meet the goals of your marketing team.  

Our parent company, OblongPixel, is a marketing agency focused on websites, analytics, search and paid ads. We work in tandem with the needs of all of these channels to create films that truly contribute to your bottom-line, whether it is by ranking better on Google, inspiring people to purchase or simply raising awareness of your brand. Unlike most video agencies, we are not solely focused on creating one-off projects. We provide on-going video support to our clients whether that is by creating a series of films over time or optimizing the performance of one film using data from platforms like Youtube, Wistia and Google Analytics. We look closely at fall-off rates and pre-roll engagement to identify what kinds of changes need to happen to make your video perform at it’s very highest.  

Most importantly of all, we craft visual stories that make people feel inspired, empowered and informed. These are the base elements of our alchemy that we call Pixelcraft.

Photo & Video Agency

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Process / Services

1. Pre-production: Concepting, scripting, storyboarding, casting, coordinating
2. Shooting: Location scouting, gear selection, crew, shooting
3. Design Motion Graphics: Moodboard, rough styles/motions, final graphics
4. Editing: Backup, reference reel of all footage, rough cut, color grading, music, vfx, final cut
5. Distribution: Platform selection, title/description copywriting, SEO, ad strategy

Team Bios

Shawn McGaff


Shawn brings a passion for photography/video and the technical expertise of running a marketing company. He is just as likely to spend his weekend filming a cyclocross race (which he competes in) as he is to build a tool that aggregates and ranks URLs shared on Twitter from scratch. Companies trust him with 100’s of thousands of dollars to manage Adwords campaigns. They give him access to the deepest, darkest parts of their online presence to tinker and experiment. They even let him talk to their customers. 

Shawn is a maker. Not only does he make tools and videos, he also makes things happen. He can work with anyone who is willing to work with him. The most important thing to know is, with Shawn, there is no secret-sauce. He will happily share and teach everything he knows to whomever wants to know.

Brian Harmon


Brian is a recent graduate in Cinema and Media Arts at Biola University where he collaborated on dozens of short films. He has a passion for storytelling and loves to make people laugh. He is a self-proclaimed pun ninja and will take every good opportunity to tell a joke. 

Because he is fresh off the press from school, he still gets to brag about what he did there– In 2015 he won Best Comedy for a short film he produced and has been nominated for best director (‘14 & ‘15), best picture, best cinematography, and best comedy (‘14). He is also a producer on Biola University’s first student-initiated full scale feature film which is set to be released in early 2016. His experience and training at school focused primarily on producing and editing, but he knows his way around nearly every department on a film set. Brian makes it his goal to encourage others and tell stories that inspire adventure. He sees every day as an opportunity to create and explore.

Riley McGaff

Graphic (Still & Motion) Designer

Riley is a person who loves to blur the boundaries between disciplines. Taking concepts from one realm, skills from another, and applying them into another field never fails to intrigue and excite Riley. By trade Riley is a graphic designer, but loves psychology, marketing, and fashion. He also loves to apply knowledge from these fields into his designs. From animating motion graphics, or creating a brand from scratch, Riley’s passion for design shows in all his work. 

If he isn’t designing, you might find Riley saving the world in video games, watching a movie, exploring Seattle, or most likely curled up with a book on his Kindle. If you want design with a personality, and a designer with spunk, Riley is your person!