1x shoot

You get one half-day shoot (3-6 hours) that can involve any number of subjects or activities. There will be two shooters on site to capture as many different angles as possible. The more we can shoot, the larger your library of custom stock footage will be which gives more flexibility and value over time.

1x Custom Music Track

Based on a handful of samples, we will produce a completely custom music track to be used throughout your videos. This will save you time and money on expensive licenses.

5x 5-30 Second films

Short attention spans reign supreme so keep your videos short by featuring just one or two concepts at a time. People prefer to watch several short videos over a few weeks than a long one all at once. But sometimes a longer video is needed and we can accommodate that too. The key is that every film needs a story to be engaging.

Additional Deliverables
List of hashtags & influencers to target
Keyword research for SEO
Dailies style reel of all footage for future use
$1,500 Flat Fee
(Promotional price for limited time only)
Does not include travel costs from Seattle (roughly $1,000 to most major cities)
Additional Perks
  • List of hashtags & influencers to target
  • Keyword research for SEO
  • Low-res reel of all footage for reference
    Basic logo fade/slide bumper
Additional Perks
List of hashtags & influencers to target
Keyword research for SEO
Low-res reel of all footage for reference
$1,500 Flat Fee
(Promotional price for May only)
Does not include travel costs from Seattle (roughly $1,000 to most major cities)

Social content is the currency for customer loyalty.

There is no channel more affordable or effective than social media to stay at top of your customers’ minds and to acquire new customers through the magic of social validation. The challenge that companies face is creating enough engaging content to continue feeding their audience. The simple text posts of yesteryear can no longer provide the results we all desire.

That is where we come in. Video content is by far the most engaging of any media type for obvious reasons but filmmaking has traditionally been an expensive and difficult task. We have set out to redefine how film is produced for social media. 


Example: You are a resort with many different activities. We would schedule as many of the activities as possible from as many angles as possible into as few shoots as possible. We will come out of these shoots with an entire library of footage that can be cut together in endless different ways.


Another example: You have an app for photographers. We choose a location and group of people that allow us to shoot in a variety of different looking environments to show the many ways that your app can be used. We use a green screen on the devices to be able to update the footage as the app evolves as well.

We produce a library of reusable footage to increase the life span of every clip

Instead of focusing on creating one video at a time, we maximize every shoot that is scheduled to get as much variety of footage as possible so that all of the shots can be remixed in infinite ways. We are essentially building a library of custom stock footage for every client which allows us to continually pump out videos for far less than the usual price. Our goal is to maximize the ROI on your social currency.

Our basic package includes one shoot, a custom music track and 5x 5-30 second short films. Because we are marketers at heart, we will also conduct some basic research into hashtags and influencers you should target with these specific videos. We are, of course, flexible with our packages so we can tailor it to your needs. If you want fewer videos that are longer, we can do that. Add in an extra shoot? We can do that too!

Contact us to talk about your project and discover exactly what you need for your business to shine.


Stock Music Track

Don’t have time for a custom track or want a genre that we don’t work in, we can find you a stock track in a  jiffy! The downside is you have to license it for each video you use it for.


Script Writing

An image is worth a thousand words but sometimes words are the only way to get certain points across. Let us write you a script that perfectly captures your brand’s voice and communicates your message. We will work with you to rough out the concepts that need to be mentioned, then we will retreat into our dungeons to work late into the night writing and rewriting your script until we are happy with it. Then we will go over it with you, word by word, until you are happy as well.


Full-day Shoot

If there is a ton to cover or you need a more sophisticated shoot, you can tack on a few extra hours to make your half-day shoot a full 7-9 hours. We will probably need a break in the middle for lunch, but we won’t charge you for that.

$350/half-day shoot

Extra Half-day Shoot

If you can’t cram everything you want in one day because of scheduling or you have two separate locations or any other reason, you can add on as many shoot days as you need. We love being behind the camera so the more you add, the happier we get!


+1 Custom Track

Give more flexibility to the mood of all your videos by having us produce another custom music track. You can use this track as many times as you want for whatever you want.



If you have a script that needs to be read, we will find talent and work with them to get the perfect reading for your video. Finding the right talent is the hardest part of the process and we will work closely with you to determine who that is. During the reading, we will work with the voice to pull out the best representation of the brand and even get a few extra pick-up lines for future updates to the video. The price varies based on the availability of the type of voice you need and how experienced they are.


Advanced VFX

Green screens, motion tracking, lower thirds titles, and other comps, oh my! We can handle a lot of things in-house like green-screening computers/phones and even making fake golfball holes but more advanced effects will have to be outsourced.

Custom Quotes Only


Add a dedicated photographer to your shoot days for use on social, your website, print assets and whatever else your heart desires. This includes basic edits for exposure, color and contrast but not advanced post-production.

$500/half-day shoot

Export Stills

Want to use some low-res stills from the footage on social? We will export a library of stills that are plenty big enough for use on social.


Advanced Bumpers

A simple fading or sliding bumper is included in your package but if you want something more exciting, refer to our bumper package.